Irina Taraeva.



Born in 1956 in Tbilisi.

Since 1973 lives and works in Moscow.

She studied at the People's University

of the Arts, in the studio of famous

nonconformist - painter Boris Otarov, a follower

of tradition, "Jack of Diamonds". 

Irina belongs to the color

scheme in the direction  of the painting, where

the main character is the color. It’s thinking by

color, with the help of color, on the language

of color. Color can take the guise of a flower,

vase, fruit, cloth, donkey.

In the paintings of Irina, there are marked

decorative beginning and ornamentation.

In the process of development,

her work path from the object,

through the symbol to the sign. 

There is a very powerful combination of

archaic stratum and the avant-gardeaudacity.



The painter about her work:


"In the work I rely more on intuition, listening to my inner feeling. When an idea comes, I am creating a sketch, sometimes I start work immediately on the canvas and then go for color and line to the way they lead me. Result is unexpected even for me. There are images that obviously existed somewhere deep in the subconscious mind ... For me it is important to mix color planes, intense contrasts and beauty lines. Work brings me joy, satisfaction, and I hope to cause an emotional response in the viewer!"


Irina is the member of International Art Foundation, the member of Creative Union of professional artists.

She maintains an active exhibition activity. Works are in the collection of the gallery of the Moscow House of Nationalities, the gallery "Vozdvizhenka", in the Museum of Shusha (Armenia), in private collections in Russia, France, Italy, Switzerland, USA.